Marley & The Family Band

Based on the popular book of the same name comes a musical semi-autographical show that honors Bob Marley’s legacy. Young Marley and her family (Robert, Rita, Jade, Axel, and Zayne) just moved from Jamaica to Delaware and are learning to adjust to their new surroundings. They are a tight-knit and musical family that radiates warmth and love. They celebrate music, love, and family to help them navigate their new city together.

Additionally, this series will celebrate and showcase Jamaican culture and history. While Marley and her family adapt to their new home in Delaware, the audience learns about Jamaican heritage through their deep pride and connection to their history. While the majority of the series will take place in Delaware, the family will occasionally travel throughout the country, performing and spreading love, as well as learning about different cultures, cuisines, and people. An exploration of the US through the eyes of a foreigner, celebrating how we are different but also illuminating how we are all the same – one love.


TV Series


Bridge (Ages 4-7), Preschool