About us

Diverse Stories. Authentically Told.

Lion Forge Entertainment is an Academy-award winning, Black-owned animation and live action studio focusing on diverse stories, authentically told.

Founded in 2019, LFE focuses primarily on the Kids & Family and YA demographics.  We showcase and celebrate talent from under-represented communities through TV, film, publishing and consumer products.  LFE is dedicated to ensuring that all kids & families see themselves represented on screen and to developing career opportunities for women and minorities.

We focus on…

  • Building global transmedia franchises around Lion Forge IP
  • Expanding partnerships through distribution, financing & co-production 
  • Spearheading licensing and merchandising initiatives
  • Live-action film and TV development

Lion Forge Entertainment is based in Los Angeles, California with a pre-production studio based in Atlanta, Georgia and is part of the Polarity group of Companies, which includes Oni Lion Forge Comics (Domestic Publishing) and Magnetic Press (International Publishing).


LFA is a full service animation studio that has the best in class creative and production teams at the heart of its studio.

Programmatic Pipeline for Developing and Sourcing IP

Internal Development:

‐Extensive IP Libraries

‐Original concepts

External Sourcing:

‐Global relationships

‐Production & Distribution Partnerships

Production Servicing:

‐Script-to-screen Production Capabilities


“…in order to create something universal, you must pay very great attention to the specific.”

~ Lorraine Hansbury


David StewarD II
Founder & CEO

Stephanie Sperber
President and Chief Content Officer

Koyalee Chanda
SVP, Animation

Roye Okupe
Creator & Executive Producer, Iyanu

Kirsten Newlands
EVP, Production and Partnerships

Godwin Akpan
Art Director

Dawud Anyabwile
Director, Iyanu

Jeremy Colfer
Director of Development – Oni Press Liason

Jennilee Cummings
Live Action Development

Darnell Johnson
Director, Iyanu

Edward Hamati
Chief Operating Officer


Brandon Easton
Story Editor, Writer, Iyanu

CJ Jones

Alfredo Marun
Animation Development

Jonathan Abraham
Director Global Media Sales

Leesa Honeywell
Executive Assistant