About us

Diverse Stories. Authentically Told.

Lion Forge Animation (“LFA”) is a leading Black-owned, full service animation studio that sources, acquires, develops, and produces authentic diverse content for global distribution. Founded in 2019, LFA is a self-financed flexible platform with an established content library. LFA is well-positioned and uniquely equipped to create, drive, and deliver genuine diverse stories to an increasing audience demand fueled by broad-based content consumption and social forces.

Lion Forge Animation accomplishes its mission through targeting under-served audiences, exploring new genres, and offering fresh perspectives – as demonstrated through the success of our first production, the Academy Award winning animated short “Hair Love”.

LFA’s goal is to bring moving, authentic stories to the world that challenge expectations. Whether fostered internally or through partnership with top talent, LFA develops enriching content by showcasing a variety of unique voices and experiences. By partnering with distributors, broadcasters and streaming platforms around the world LFA creates, realizes and produces authentic and exciting content.

Lion Forge Animation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polarity.


LFA is a full service animation studio that has the best in class creative and production teams at the heart of its studio.

Programmatic Pipeline for Developing and Sourcing IP

Internal Development:

‐Extensive IP Libraries

‐Original concepts

External Sourcing:

‐Global relationships

‐Production & Distribution Partnerships

Production Servicing:

‐Script-to-screen Production Capabilities


“…in order to create something universal, you must pay very great attention to the specific.”

~ Lorraine Hansbury


David StewarD II
Founder & CEO

Professional with over 15 years of experience in entertainment and media.He founded Lion Forge Animation in 2019, to be a leading Black-owned, full service animation studio that produces authentic diverse content for global distribution.

Edward Hamati
Chief Operating Officer

Over 20 years experience in company building and investing in multiple industries.As COO, Edward provides operational and financial leadership for Lion Forge.

Stephanie Sperber
President and Chief Content Officer

Over 30 years experience in kids and family entertainment at Universal, Hannah-Barbera, and Imagine Entertainment.Stephanie is a professional franchise builder and leads Lion Forge’s portfolio and creative strategy.

Saxton Moore
Vice President of Production

Professional two-time Emmy nominated Animation Director/ Creative Visionary. Possesses 20+ years of experience producing animated content for the biggest entertainment groups in the US.


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An experienced creative executive with over 15 years of developing, producing, and programming quality content for an array of platforms. An executive producer with a penchant for unique storytelling and a keen eye for talent and what works.


Matt brings experience in banking and entertainment.He leads our studio financing opportunities and manages our overall content partnerships.

Caroline Manalo

Creative producer with independent filmmaking experience.
Has worked in both
commercial and entertainment production, and specializes
in 2D animation for

Chrystal Williams

A results oriented “passionate” professional with over 20 years proven track record of commended performance in strategic planning and development of multimillion dollar business operations with specific focus in the Television Entertainment Industry.

Dawud Anyabwile

An Emmy award winning illustrator with 25+ years of experience as a graphic novel/comic book artist, storyboard and character/background designer for television and film. He is also the co-creator and illustrator of the critically acclaimed comic book series entitled, “Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline.”

Assistant Director, Animation

An experienced visual storyteller who hopes to tell stories that move you, by telling the truth.Darnell has worked on multiple noted properties, most recently Spider-man: Across The Spider-Verse (part one).

Jeremy Colfer
Creative Executive

Creative executive and producer with more than 15 years of experience developing live-action and animated original series for broadcast, cable and streaming platforms.

Scot Terry
Creative dIRECTOR

Versatile creative that excels in art design, illustration, product design, and 3D design. An engaging art director with toy industry experience, and a master of design software with excellent vendor relations.

Laurel Kratz
Production Coordinator

Manages creative teams and asset development through passionate leadership and organization. Founder and producer of festivals that inspire innovative storytelling and connect artists across animation, film, and game design.

stanley Chen
Story Art

Story Artist with strong film language and pop culture
familiarity who creates
concept-driven, visually compelling design. Engages
audiences through strong research and collaboration.

John Elliott
Director Animation Operations

Over 15 years in Talent Management representing actors, writers, directors and stand-up comics. Experienced in overseeing clients careers and guiding them in the creative process to develop material from concept to completion with an eye towards comedy.

CJ Jones
Creative Coordinator in the LA Office

Creative Executive with experience in live action and animation, funneling projects from development to delivery for studios and streamers, including the hit Nickelodeon show The Tiny Chef Show and the upcoming Disney+ feature The Slumber Party.